Cleaning Equipment

Equipment provided to Facilities

Our custodial industry is constantly evolving. Each year a Final Touch Cleaning Representative attends the worldwide cleaning industry association conference (ISSA) which is our national industry tradeshow. This tradeshow allows us to stay on the cutting edge of technology and chemicals. We are constantly striving to enhance productivity and as always we want the very best in each facility we are entrusted with. Below is a list of the cleaning equipment as well as chemicals that Final Touch Commercial Cleaning provides.

Large Equipment

  • 17 inch Advance automatic floor scrubber
  • 20 inch Advance automatic floor scrubber
  • 19 inch low speed 1200 buffer
  • BEXT 300 HV Carpet extractor
  • High poductivity Stripping machine
  • Square Scrub
  • Mini Square Scrub
  • Sanitare Commercial Vacuums
  • Pro-team backpack Vacuums
  • Power Flite High Speed Burnisher
  • 15 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

Small Equipment

  • Rubbermade Custodial Carts
  • Brut 44 Gallon Round Container
  • Mop Bucket and Ringer
  • 17 inch Microfiber Dust Mops
  • 22 inch Microfiber Dust Mops
  • 17 inch Microfiber Wet Mops
  • 22 inch Microfiber Wet Mops
  • Microfiber Blue/Orange/Green Rags
  • Tide Commercial Grade Laundry Detergent

Commercial Cleaning Chemicals and other Supplies

Final Touch cleans not only for cleanliness but for health. We have a commitment to the delivery of environmentally preferable services designed to meet customer needs and expectations. A variety of only the best commercial cleaning chemicals from different vendors are used to tailor the customer’s needs.

  • Lysol I.C. Foaming Disinfectant
  • Misty Oil Base S/S Cleaner Polish
  • Cidebet Citrus Foam Disinfectant
  • Comet Crème Cleaner
  • Deodorant Urinal Block (4oz)
  • DM35 Dust Mop Treatment
  • Ex-Steam Extraction Cleaner
  • Hot Springs Cleaner
  • Flaunt Lemon Furniture Cleaner
  • NEW Green Best Scent
  • Endust Furniture Polish
  • Vetra Floor Finish
  • REFRESH Foam Anti-Bacteria Soap
  • Terminator Green Clean Chemical
  • Star Spray Green Clean Chemical
  • OVERDRIVE Spray Buff Finish
  • AX-IT Baseboard Stripper
  • RAINDANCE Floor Cleaner
  • HYBRID 25% Floor Finish
  • Glance Non-Amonia Glass Cleaner
  • Pull Out Heavy Duty Carpet Spot Cleaner
  • New Push Liquid Bacterial Degreaser
  • Speedball H/D Cleaner
  • Bathmate Non-acid Disinfectant
  • Glisten Glass/Surface Cleaner
  • BATHMATE Washroom Cleaner
  • Percolator Carpet Spotter
  • Glyd-Bet Aerosol Spray
  • Morning Mist Disinfectant Cleaner
  • Extreme HI-SPEED Floor Stripper
  • Crew Toilet Cleaner
  • TB Plus Disinfectant Spray
  • BTB Mildew Remover