Recycling Program

us-green-building-councilFinal Touch Cleaning has successfully become the first cleaning service organization headquartered in Oklahoma to achieve the Cleaning Industry Management Standard Green Building certification with honors.

CIMS-GB demonstrates that Final Touch Cleaning has undergone a comprehensive assessment by an independent, accredited CIMS-GB assessor and has successfully demonstrated a commitment to the delivery of environmentally preferable services that are designed to meet customer needs and expectations.

Final Touch Cleaning has also established its capability to provide green cleaning services and assist customers in achieving points under the LEED- Existing buildings.
At no extra cost to the customer, Final Touch Cleaning has managed the FTC recycling program since 2009. The program is a daily retrieval of all recycle bins including paper, plastic, cans, and bottles to be emptied into the larger bins that are spread throughout common areas.
Once the bins are full, our staff relocates them to be picked up at the loading dock. A Final Touch Cleaning representative coordinates with Greenstar (the designated vendor for recycling) for a scheduled pick up of all locations.

Final Touch Cleaning is committed to the proper management of hazardous wastes and trains all employees on waste disposal. Our employees are committed to the recycling program and our on-site mangers partner with your staff to ensure the effectiveness of the program.