Nightly Cleaning

Final Touch Commercial Cleaning provides detailed nightly cleaning. Each Commercial Cleaning job is designed to your unique property specifications and cleaning needs.



Trash Removal

  • All office and public trash cans emptied and returned to their proper location with new liners daily.
  • All restroom trash cans including paper towel and sanitary napkin receptacles emptied and replaced with new liners daily and returned to their proper location.
  • All cans and receptacle liners replaced when soiled on a daily basis.
  • All recycling bins will be emptied as needed.



  • All offices and entranceways vacuumed daily.
  • Chairs and trash cans moved when vacuuming.
  • All cans and receptacle liners replaced when soiled on a daily basis.
  • All entrance mats vacuumed daily.



  • Corridors, lobby areas, steps and landings mopped daily.
  • Dust mop & spot mop all tile floors daily.


General Cleaning

  • All horizontal surfaces including outside of cabinets, pictures frames (no personal items), furniture, break room chairs, top of file shelves, and tables shall be wiped down and dusted monthly.
  • Water fountains wiped clean and sanitized daily.
  • Windows sills, railings, framework and ledges cleaned biweekly.
  • Interior and exterior doors cleaned daily.
  • Microwaves cleaned outside daily & inside weekly.
  • Kitchen countertops, sinks, and cabinets will be disinfected and cleaned daily.
  • Partition glass completely cleaned.


  • All soap, toilet tissue, paper towels and sanitary napkin dispensers refilled daily.
  • All lavatories and fixtures cleaned with disinfectant cleaner daily.
  • All mirrors cleaned daily.
  • Toilets and urinals scrubbed with a brush using a disinfectant cleaner and left completely clean.
  • Water stains removed daily using a mild cleanser.
  • All restroom floors wet mopped daily. No standing water to remain after mopping.
  • Tops of paper towel, toilet tissue, and soap dispensers to be wiped down daily.



  • Vacuum all entrance mats daily.
  • Wipe down furniture and tables daily.
  • Straighten all magazines and throw away all trash and debris left in lobby area daily.
  • Clean entrance glass daily.



  • Secure building and set alarm daily.
  • Keep doors locked at all times even when inside cleaning.
  • Turn out lights after cleaning daily.
  • Trash cans outside buildings to be emptied daily.
  • Put up all delivered supplies as needed.
  • All chemicals and equipment to be put back in their proper location daily.
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