Carpet Extraction Cleaning Explained: Final Touch Commercial Cleaning Company

The Wonder that is Hot Water Extraction

An increasingly popular alternative to professional carpet cleaning is hot water extraction. And most experts will say that this popularity is deserved. This is the case whether it’s for carpets or upholstery. These days most major carpet manufacturers either recommend or require cleaning via the hot water extraction method. This method is commonly referred to as “steam cleaning.” This method works by shooting hot water and cleaning agents into carpets, thereby loosening and clear out all of the dirt, tiny debris, and unwanted stains in the carpet.

After all of this is loosened up, the system’s vacuum will then remove everything. Although steam cleaners usually aren’t as efficient as truck-mounted units, they are always much cheaper than both these and commercial cleaning services. In addition, unlike commercial cleaning services they can be easily obtained at most grocery and hardware stores. Most people typically wait several years between carpet cleaning. This is a mistake. Heading to the store to rent a steam cleaner is something you should do every year. When you do, in order to do it to maximum efficiency you need to follow the correct procedures exactly.

The Proper Way to Perform Hot Water Extraction

First, mix the solution exactly as prescribed on the bottle. Then turn on the heater and stir the solution into the water. At this point, you will want to put on the cleaner all of the necessary tools and attachments. After your cleaner is prepared, prepare the carpet space you wish to vacuum by clearing it of all furniture items.

Then get started. Most steamers have three-prong plugs so make sure you have clear access to one so that you can do so. Along with the steamer, you will want to have stain remover on hand in the event something extra becomes necessary. Sometimes if the area is heavily stained, prior to vacuuming at all you will want to spray stain remover over the whole thing so it can be working while you vacuum. Most of the time in routine cleanings in areas that aren’t stained very much, a pre-spray will not be necessary. In those instances, just go ahead and start the vacuum carpet cleaning.

A stain remover is not the only accessory you should keep on hand. You should also have a small portable spotter. This works like a steam cleaner, but it is designed to help you get those hard areas that can’t quite be thoroughly reached by the cleaners like corners or tiny crannies. Go back over in a back and forth over the same area several times. However, you only need to do the spraying part of the vacuuming on the first pass. After you have finished a room, leave it to dry. It helps to set up a fan or two to speed up the drying.

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