Helpful Ways to Choose a Local Cleaning Company in Tulsa

There are a lot of cleaning companies in the Tulsa area. Unless you are familiar with most of them, you have no way of knowing the quality of their work. Here are a few ways of finding out how a local cleaning company stacks up against the others.

House Cleaning

A company that specializes in house cleaning will gain a good reputation in a short amount of time. Clients love to brag about the service that they receive and will turn into regular customers. If you live in a neighborhood where this type of service is used, ask your neighbors for a recommendation. Next, hop online and search for reviews from past customers.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is different from house cleaning. The job duties are more generalized and a larger amount of space is covered. However, things like unclean restrooms and lack of paper towels are quick to be noticed. Reliability is also important in getting the job done on a routine schedule. Angie’s List or Home Advisors are a couple of web sites that can provide names of companies that have been rated and recommended.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning services can cover a wide variety of specialized services. Anything from routine seasonal cleaning to upholstery and oriental rug cleaning. Word of mouth is a good way to find that one company that offers services that go above and beyond in doing an excellent job. Check with the Better Business Bureau for any negative reports that clients may have submitted to steer clear of carpet cleaning firms that are less than professional in their work.

Emergency Cleaning

Emergency cleaning companies can be a lifesaver during times of home disaster. 24/7 service and being well-known to area insurance companies are two pluses in emergency cleaning. Your insurance company can provide you with a couple of competent companies that they use on a regular basis for best results. The Better Business Bureau will also have a record on most of these emergency firms. This is one type of company that you should have with your emergency phone numbers so check them out ahead of time.

You can also find customer reviews through sites like and Consumer Reports. Another way to begin your search is by using social media. Put the word out on FaceBook or Twitter on trying to locate a good service for your needs. Online users in your area will not be shy about offering their personal opinion.

These are steps that can offer a better way of selecting the right cleaning company for your home or business. It can be very time consuming in working from the yellow pages and making contact with each individual firm for a list of references. Cut your time in half and start with people and organizations that have a better understanding when searching for a local cleaning company.

Final Touch Commercial Cleaning cleans over 4 million square feet every night in Oklahoma with over 200 dedicated team members. Final Touch Commercial Cleaning has been in business over 30 years in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City area with an amazing track record of service and excellence.

Final Touch Commercial Cleaning Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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