What Can Final Touch Cleaning Services of Tulsa Do for Your Business?

Final Touch Commercial Cleaning Services Co. of Tulsa boasts a hard-working crew that has built a reputation of integrity and excellent service to their many clients over the last 30 years. Services offered for commercial businesses cleaning and janitorial needs include Daily and Nightly Cleanings (with over 7 million square feet cleaned every night), 24 Hour Emergency Cleanings, Carpet Extraction Cleanings, Carpet Bonnet Cleanings, as well as Janitorial Services and the assistance of Experienced Floor Technicians. Listed below are descriptions of each of these and what services they provide to clients.

Daily Cleaning Services

Daily cleanings that pay special attention to all the fine details is just one of the many services Final Touch has to offer. The purpose of a daily cleaning is to keep the facility constantly clean and looking its very best. The professional team at Final Touch of Tulsa will assign a specific cleaning routine to suit the needs of the service location. Amenities include, but are not limited to:

  • Restroom cleanings and restocks
  • Stain and spill control
  • Trash disposal
  • Nightly Cleaning Services

Just like the Daily Cleanings that Final Touch of Tulsa has to offer, Nightly Cleanings are very detail-oriented and specifically outlined to the needs of the client and service location. These amenities can include, but are not limited to:

  • General cleaning and maintenance of everything contained within and outside of the facility, with the exception of personal belongings
  • Removal of trash and replacement of liners, as well as emptying and replacement of receptacles
  • Complete restroom cleanings from top to bottom
  • Complete vacuuming, dust mopping, and regular mopping of all floors and rugs
  • Detailed cleaning of facility lobbies

24 Hour Emergency Cleaning Services

Emergencies happen and Final Touch of Tulsa understands this, which is why they have 24/7 cleaning services available. Any business or residence will be back to normal in no time. Areas of expertise for 24 Hour Emergency Cleaning are:

  • Cleanup after construction
  • Water damage cleaning

Carpet Extraction Cleanings

Steam Cleaning Carpet Extraction is an area that the carpet technicians at Final Touch of Tulsa are no strangers to. With over 30 years of experience, training, and skills, they have an abounding knowledge of the chemicals used and how to properly use them. The steam cleaning technique and commercial grade chemicals used are safe on all types of carpets and effective on any stain a carpet may come in contact with. Clients can choose from cleanings as frequently as needed, to as little as weekly, monthly, and every quarter.

Carpet Bonnet Cleanings

With time, even the best quality upholstery and carpet can show the years of heavy traffic all too clearly. Final Touch can figure out which method is best to clean them all, and one of them is the easy bonnet carpet cleaning. Instead of using a typical shampooer, a pad attached to a buffer and moistened with a cleaning solution is used to bring the years of dirt and grime right out of any carpet. With over 30 combined years of experience and knowledge of the ins and outs of carpet cleaning, the professional carpet technicians at Final Touch of Tulsa will treat your carpet right.

Janitorial Services

The team of cleaning professionals at Final Touch of Tulsa can provide detailed Janitorial Services to your commercial facilities. The services provided depend upon the specific needs of the client, and many of them can be seen within the Daily Cleaning and Nightly Cleaning service categories.

Experienced Floor Technicians

Final Touch Commercial Cleaning’s crew of floor technicians come together with 35 combined years of experience in all floor jobs including buffing, stripping, resealing, and refinishing any and all types of floor. They are serious about their work and the results they provide for their clients, and it shows with their excellent reviews. The company also holds many certifications that prove their commitment to their clients and the Tulsa area. The Commercial Certifications of Final Touch Commercial Cleaning Co. of Tulsa include:

Top 5 Women Entrepreneur

Certified with Building Resources in Developing and Growing Enterprises (BRIDGE) City of Tulsa Woman Owned and Controlled Business

  • Female-Owned Small Business
  • Certified by the Cleaning Industry Management Systems (CIMS) (ISO9000)
  • CIMS Green Building Cert. with Honors
  • International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) Member Since 2010
  • Member of The U.S. Green Building Council

The bottom line at Final Touch Commercial Cleaning Co. of Tulsa is to excel in commercial cleaning services. Appearance is important, and it’s Final Touch’s job to give the spaces their clients inhabit only the best clean there is to offer. However, trust is also important at Final Touch, as they are often brought in to private spaces and during after-hours among the personal belongings of clients and their employees. The staff of over 200 technicians take pride in their work and strive to leave each client satisfied and every surface cleaned. Call or visit the website today to request a quote for your cleaning needs within the Tulsa service areas.

Complete lists of what certain cleaning services include, cleaning equipment, and chemicals used by Final Touch Commercial Cleaning Services are all located on our website. There is also more information about our owner and staff, our community outreach programs, and recycling programs.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Tulsa

The Final Touch Tulsa Commercial Cleaning Company has been in business in Tulsa, Oklahoma for many years. Despite the fact that we have been around for a long time, our mission remains the same. That mission is to make sure that everyone gets the best commercial cleaning service possible. Our customers have been very satisfied with the service that they have received from us, which is why we have received rave reviews. Our top priority is the customer.

Final Touch Commercial Cleaning Services cleans over 4 million square feet every night in Oklahoma with over 200 dedicated team members. Final Touch Commercial Cleaning Services has been in business over 30 years in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City area with an amazing track record of service and excellence. Call Final Touch Commercial Cleaning Services today to learn more about our commercial cleaning services!

Final Touch Commercial Cleaning Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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